Training Articles

Here are some articles I have written on training.

man (3) repranges
A small and handy article reference page for various set and rep schemes one comes across in strength training.
On the paradigm difference between Texas Method and Heavy-Light-Medium
I wondered how exactly these two popular intermediate programs differ in their theoretical setup. While this information seems only useful for a few months in a strength trainees career, namely after having outrun the newbie gains of the linear progression, it can again be used to set up a strength or peaking block after higher volume phases of training.
Learning the olympic lifts as a powerlifter
In this post I explain how as a powerlifter one can make faster progress on the olympic lifts, by training the pulling movement heavy, but the catch and other technicalities lighter, when one lacks the kinaesthetic awareness to train proper technique with the empty bar, i.e. one just does not feel a thing.
Ausarbeitung Sto├čen Jugendliche
During obtaining my training licence for olympic weightlifting and powerlifting (Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund, C-Lizenzen), we had to do a little essay on a given topic and mine was the jerk for adolescents. As the course was in Germany this essay is also in German.