Hi, I am Marcel Wunderlich and currently working as a PhD student at M√ľnster University. You can contact me via e-mail by prefixing my last name to '@uni-muenster.de'.


Here you can download my theses I have written during my studies of mathematics. I wrote them with a student in mind, who has a little less knowledge of the subject than the past me a year or so before I delved into these topics, so I think they are a very excellent introduction to the respective subjects.

Bachelor's thesis
My bachelor's thesis was on hyperbolic groups and the word problem.
Master's thesis
My master's thesis was on Riemannian submersions in Euclidean space. I tried to classify those, but did not suceed. Also I came across an error in the literature which was discovered by a student of Lytchak and until now this is the only written and public account of it.


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